Assets Management Solution


How we protect your car from theft?

As for owners, car safety is the most important. We spent a lot of money on the car, so we have to avoid it stealing. In case the car is lost, a GPS tracking device and tracking software will help you find and get it back in time

Logistic & Express

Along with the rise of online shopping, the logistic and express fleets increase a lot and they have to be fast and safe. logistic & express tracking solution gives you what you need.

containers vans
containers vans
Bus & School Bus

Many accidents in buses and schools happen in daily life. So we propose a complete solution to monitor buses and assure the safety of passengers and students.


In every city, the taxi fleet is huge and important. Scheduling the taxi fleet smartly brings a lot of convenience to citizens. And the task to guarantee the safety of both drivers and passengers is big but necessary. Please check taxi tracking solution below.

yellow taxi parked beside curb
yellow taxi parked beside curb
Rent Car

Do you worry whether the client returns your car in time or not? Do you want to know whether the clients did rapid acceleration, harsh brake, and a sharp turn to the rental car or not? we have solution for rental car records everything you want to know.

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